The Software List

The ZEBU is coding software in his free time. Mostly these are programs that he needs for his daily work (and are not available or do not offer the needed functionality). Some of this software he is offering for downloading as Freeware.
With a click on the name of the program in the following table, you get to the detailed description and to the Download.

Name Version Type Date Description
Eraser1.1Java Applet2002-11-27Eraser Applet
The applet shows one image over another. With the mouse you can erase one of the images, and the underlying image appears, or the upper image is recovered, respectively.
Marquee1.2Java Applet2004-08-10Marquee Applet
This applet scrolls text. Background and foreground color, font, font size, direction of scrolling etc. can be defined.
ZDP1.0.1Windows Application2003-10-20ZEBU's Directory Printer
This program for Windows computes directory trees and exports them.
ZLC0.8.1Windows Application2004-03-26ZEBU's Link Checker
This program for Windows checks links in a local file (e.g. bookmarks) or an URL.
ZPG1.0.0Windows Application2003-07-26ZEBU's Password Generator
This program for Windows generates passwords with various options.

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