ZLC - ZEBU's Eraser Applet


Eraser is a Java Applet.
The Applet shows to images, one above the other. With the mouse one can erase one of the images and the other one will appear. This can be the foreground image as well as the background image, therefore the applet checks whether the user drags the mouse with the left or right mouse button.
A lot of things can be done with that applet: From ugly teeth that are brushed and white teeth appear over undressing people to judder competitions you can imagine a lot of possibilities.
The following parameters can be used:

The two images don't have to be the same size.


The following html code was used to produce this demo:
< applet archive="eraserByZEBU.jar" code="eraserByZEBUse.class" width="120" height="160" >
< param name="backgroundImage" value="zebu_03.jpg" >
< param name="foregroundImage" value="zebu_01.jpg" >
< param name="penWidth" value="20" >
< /applet >

Current Version:

1.1 (27.11.2002)


Eraser is freeware and can be downloaded as a full version here.

There is also a Pad-file and a ID-file available.

Known Bugs:

There are no known bugs.

Next Steps:

no next steps are planned.


Version Date Description Adaption to the actual Java standard
1.01998 First public version


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