ZLC - ZEBU's Marquee Applet


Marquee is a Java Applet.
The Applet scrolls any given text in any color and any direction.
The following parameters can be used:

The values of background and foreground color are either hexadecimal values or equal to the predefined values available in every Java Applet, this means: black, blue, cyan, darkGray, gray, green, lightGray, magenta, orange, pink, red, yellow, and white. If a color is defined with a hexadecimal value, use the following form: 0xaarrggbb (aa: alpha value, rr: red value, gg: green value, bb: blue value)


The following html code was used to produce this demo:
< applet archive="marqueeByZEBU.jar" code="marqueeByZEBU.class" width="350" height="150" >
< param name="bgcolor" value="darkGray" >
< param name="fgcolor" value="0xFF0080FF" >
< param name="message" value="This is some multiline text, that\nscrolls from bottom to top.\nFont, colors, speed,\nscroll direction, etc.\nare adjustable..." >
< param name="shadow" value="1" >
< param name="speed" value="20" >
< param name="step" value="1" >
< param name="direction" value="2" >
< param name="fontSize" value="20" >
< param name="fontStyle" value="1" >
< param name="fontName" value="Arial" >
< /applet >

Current Version:

1.2 (10.08.2004)


Marquee is freeware and can be downloaded as a full version here.

There is also a Pad-file and a ID-file available.

Known Bugs:

There are no known bugs.

Next Steps:

no next steps are planned.


Version Date Description - Adaptation to the current Java standard
- Bugfix: Text was painted too far down. When text was scrolled from left to right (or vice versa) in a tight box, this was not very aesthetic. - Adaptation to the current Java standard
- New option: Paint shadows or not
1.01998 First public version


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