ZLC - ZEBU's Link Checker


ZLC is a Windows application.
ZLC checks internet links. The start point is either a local file (e.g. bookmarks) or an URL.
The depth of the search can be choosen. With depth 1 only the direct links in the source file are checked. With a depth of 2 all links that are found in this direct links are checked, too.
The number of parallel checks as well as the timeout and the number of retries of the internet query can be set inside some limits.
The software can switch between English and German on the fly. Other languages can be added if needed.

Current Version:

0.8.1 (26.03.2004)


ZPG is freeware and can be downloaded as a full version here.

There is also a Pad-file and a ID-file available.

Known Bugs:

- Links that are composed in javascript are not correct
- Some relative links are not composed correctly
- From a point of performance, the application does not react optimally when a lot of links are inserted
- The check is not ending sometimes

Next Steps:

- Correction of known bugs
- New data structures for a better performance
- Option to check only specific types of links
- Filter incorrect links in the output
- Option to check only links inside the start domain


Version Date Description Fix of reproducable application crashes First public version


The main dialog:

main dialog


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