ZPG - ZEBU's Password Generator


ZPG is a Windows application.
With ZPG you can generate passwords. Everybody knows, that passwords should be choosen very carefully, therefore this software is very good to produce accidental passwords. It is proofen, that ZPG generates passwords more accidental than one can do this 'by hand'. There are two possibilities for generating passwords:

The software can switch between English and German on the fly. Other languages can be added if needed.


ZPG got a 5* award from bestfreewaredownload.com.

Current Version:

1.0.0 (26.07.2003)


ZPG is freeware and can be downloaded as a full version here.

There is also a Pad-file and a ID-file available.

Known Bugs:

There are no known bugs.

Next Steps:

No next steps are planned.


Version Date Description First public version


The main dialog:

main dialog


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