ZDP - ZEBU's Directory Printer


ZDP is a Windows application.
With ZDP you can export the entries in a directory. There are several options to do this.
The output can be formatted with different pre-defined formats. Additional output formats can be defined on the fly.
The output is available in other programs (e.g. Word) via copy - paste or the clipboard, or can be exported into an HTML file and a separated text file. An optional filter can be used for the selection.
The software can switch between English and German on the fly. Other languages can be added if needed.
For any questions it will be a good idea to visit the help page or the frequently asked questions.

Current Version:

1.0.1 (20.10.2003)


ZDP is freeware and can be downloaded as a full version here.

There is also a Pad-file and a ID-file available.

Known Bugs:

There are no known bugs.

Next Steps:

- Steering via registry or file (1.1)
- Option: Replace tabs by spaces (1.1)
- Sort funciton for the output (1.1)
- Separators for large numbers (1.1)
- Directory comparation (2.0)
- Sizable dialogs (2.0)


Version Date Description - Separation of selection options and output options
- Therefore, a better performance for repeated queries
- Filter of the file types to be shown
- Option to skip empty directories in the output - Add a help file (local & online)
- Option for direct opening of the exported files
- Option for ignoring files (directories only)
- Option for enumeration of all files
- New output format 'Listing'
- Minor bugfixes Bugfix (saving properties, switch of language)
0.9i14.10.2002 - Merge of the English and the German version
- Correction of a bug in the computation of directory sizes
0.805.10.2002 First public version


The main dialog:

main dialog

Definition of a new output format:

new output format


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